Made by the Girl

What do we do in one sentence? We get you noticed.

We are...

Art Directors. Designers. Copywriters. Script Writers. Videographers. Psychologists. Trend setters. Coffee drinkers. We are dead set on making an impact for ourselves and for you.

We're smart.
We're practical.
We're inventive.
We're intuitive.

As you can see we have a lot going for us.

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Why you should work with us?

1 We're in it to win it! (Disclaimer: This is not a Charlie Sheen reference.) We are going to use our talents, our smarts, our experience and a helluva lot of drive to get you the best and most effective campaign possible.

2. Our vision is unlike anyone else's.

3. We've got good energy. Good ol' fashion chutzpa!

4. We've got a proven track record of success and effective marketing and branding.

5. We're nice. Not in that terrifying "nice" way your parents were to your first boyfriend...really nice. You will enjoy working with us.

A full service agency

We offer start to finish solutions for companies, professionals and products.

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Contact Us!

If you have an enquiry about a project or if you would just like to chat why not drop us an email or give us a ring at 914-413-2724.

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